Teach Your Kiddo The Art Of Greeting "Hello or Hi"

Teach Your Kiddo The Art Of Greeting "Hello or Hi"

At this point, it is essential for your child to learn some basic etiquette as well as manners. Teach your child to greet people with ‘hello’ or ‘hi’. Kids love the idea of becoming, acting and being treated like adults. Their pretend games mostly revolve around things that grown-ups do in their day-to-day lives. 

Explain to your child that greeting someone in a friendly and polite manner shows respect for the other person and makes your child appear more grown-up. For kids, the most favorite thing they like to do is to emulate you wherever and whenever possible.

Use this thing to your advantage by teaching them the art of greeting others with salutations such as “hello” or “hi” which is generally used by the grown ups to greet each other. This will make your kid excited to use it at the very first instance that they get.

As a result not only will your little one develop a good social skill but will also become more interactive as the maximum conversations start with a “hello”. Also, teach your child that they should always be polite in their tone while greeting someone as it makes them look respectful and well mannered, just like the grownups. This will make sure that your child also watches his tone while greeting the guests.