Teach Your Kids Manners By Example

Teach Your Kids Manners By Example

A well-behaved and well-mannered child is such a treat to converse with! It is really important to help your child pick up a good set of manners and values right at an early age. You can help make this happen very easily. Here is how.

1. Set an example. You are your child’s greatest role model and he will want to imitate you as much as he can. So, make sure to show him a good example or two so he picks them up based on observation.

2. Teach your child how and when to say thank you, please, sorry, etc. Say these words as much as possible during conversations with your child. This will help him understand the context of using these words and he will begin to use them in no time.

3. The surroundings and environment your child is at makes a lot of difference with regard to his manners. Make sure he has a conducive atmosphere at home or at his playschool. Be a good judge of where you take him.

4. Make sure to correct your child when he does something wrong. Stop him and be vocal about how he should not do whatever that is he is doing, so he understands the reason as to why he should not repeat it.

5. Make sure to repeat this as much as you can, so your child makes it a habit to display pleasant behaviour. After this is achieved, there will be no need for prompting your child to behave in a certain manner.