Teach Your Kids Not To Trust Any Stranger If They Are Lost

Teach Your Kids Not To Trust Any Stranger If They Are Lost

Imagine you take your child to a carnival or a mall. There will be so much happening that can fascinate him. There can be a possibility of him wandering off without your knowledge and you may not be able to find each other for a while. Potential threats? There are many! Here are a few things you should teach your child.

1. Tell your child that he should not indulge in a conversation with a stranger, especially if that person offers help. Let him know that the stranger can also trick him by offering him a candy. Your child should resist the temptation and walk away.

2. Make sure your child knows your cell phone number. This comes in handy at times like these, so that he can look for a public phone and give you a call.

3. Let your child know whom to approach when he gets lost. Of course, that person is a stranger too, but let him know who he can trust when they offer help. Tell him that he can approach people in uniforms like the police, people at a help desk, etc.

4. Make your child aware of popular landmarks around the area, so he knows where he is to let you or someone else know about his whereabouts.

5. Teach your child to dial the emergency number in case he does not seem to recall your phone number. Talk to your child about this over and over so he is prepared for such an event.