Teach Your Kids To Eat On Their Own From A Young Age

Teach Your Kids To Eat On Their Own From A Young Age

Let your child learn to eat on his own. The sooner he starts the better it is as he learns faster. Of course you have to manage the little mess he creates, but it is skill that is essential. When kidsare very young, you can give them finger foods that they can easily pick up and carry to their mouths. As they grow older, graduate to teaching them to eat with a spoon, and later, teach them how to use a fork and knife.

1. During meal time, place a napkin under the child’s plate, with a bib around his neck and seat him comfortably.

2. Use a child sized spoon. Sit with him and enjoy your food, your child will observe and learn to eat.

3. You can pinch the food and let the baby bring your fingers to his mouth.

4 You can also hold the piece of food and let your baby grasp it from your fingers -this often elicits a pincer grasp before baby uses this fine motor skill to get food from a flat surface.

5. During playtime, give him various utensils and role play eating skill.

6. Give finger food often to your child, so that he can eat independently.

7. Give him water in a small cup, let him hold and drink.Let it spill on his dress, do not fret, it is a part of the learning process.

Eating and drinking independently will take time, hence, practice and patience is required till your child has perfected the skill. Do it everyday so it becomes a habit and your child will enjoy it too!