Teaching Your Child Hopping Skills

Teaching Your Child Hopping Skills
3y to 4y
Gross motor

Hopping and skipping are two immensely beautiful skills that your child learns over the years. After an age, it comes naturally to your child. After that, no matter how much you ask him not to hop and jump, he will eventually end up doing that more than often.

There is a subtle fun that is there in jumping and hopping that you as an adult might not really understand. It gives the child the chance to move, faster and better and do something that even his parents can’t do easily. Hopping is definitely a sign that your child is growing fine, physically. He is able to stretch his athletic skills to a new level.

While as a parent you may feel that isn't a big deal to hop and skip at this age, it is actually. There are several kids who because of muscular impairment are not able to do so. So, after an age if you feel that your child is still not hopping or finding it difficult, do consult a medico and check if there is anything that needs attention. Otherwise, just give nutritious food to your child so that he can increase his muscle and bone strength and you can indulge him in such physical activities with greater fervor.