Teaching Your Kid About Personal Security

Teaching Your Kid About Personal Security

Personal security of your little one is paramount by all means in today’s world. It is imperative to talk about good and bad touch in today’s scenario and there cannot be two ways about it. Even though it might be a little uncomfortable to begin with, but there is no way as a parent you can brush this aside. Talk to your child in clear and lucid terms and make him understand.

Also, ensure that you speak age appropriately. In case you are failing with words, seek help. There are several good videos in the internet that deals at length with what and how good and bad touch must be advocated to children according to their age. There are also books that deals with the same subject with proper images that can be of great help.

Make your child understand this without any ambiguity and confusion. The more clarity your child has on this, the more better equipped he will be to help himself in situation of any crisis. Another, important point that you must notice is that your boy or girl, both should be included in this conversation. Boys should also be diligently taught about this without fail. Understand that boys are equally vulnerable to such crimes and must be kept abreast about all such things. Personal security is as much a boy’s prerogative, as much as it is for a girl.