Teaching Your Preschooler To Share

Teaching Your Preschooler To Share

It is quite likely for your child to be a little moody at this stage and hence, all that you teach him, has to be through some actions and not just mere words. Teach your child to share by setting an example yourself. When you sit to play with him, choose games that involve both of you taking turns; for example, a card matching game or dropping counters into a jar, where you both individually take turns to pick up a card or a counter.

Show your child how playing together is fun by arranging group activities for him involving other kids, like setting up playdates or taking him to the playground.

Explain to your little one that the other kids will love playing with him if he starts sharing his toys. Tell him that they will share their toys with him too, so he will have new things to play with.

Appreciate your child’s gesture and praise him when he shares. However, if he is resisting considerably, do not force him. Give him a break and then try again later when he is in a better mood.