Television ? A Necessity Or A Hindrance?

Television ? A Necessity Or A Hindrance?

There is a huge debate on the advantages and disadvantages of television when it comes to their effect on kids. You may feel that it is the biggest disturbance for your child. On the other hand, you may belong to the set of those parents who feel that it could be of educative value for your child, in measured doses.

As with everything in life, the key when it comes to television is striking a balance. There are several educational programmes for kids on television these days. You can allot a certain fixed amount of time each day for your child to watch such programmes. 

However, always monitor what your kid is watching. Do not allow cartoons which portray violence even in fun. This will give the wrong idea to your child. Also, monitor how much television the rest of the family is watching, since your kid will be influenced by what he observes at home.