Tell Stories To Each Other To Encourage Language Development

Tell Stories To Each Other To Encourage Language Development

Interactive story telling with another person is a great tool to stimulate conversational skills in your little one, which additionally can be used to sharpen his vocabulary and language skills. Here are some ways that you can use this activity

1. Encourage your child to read along when you are telling them bed time stories, or any stories for that matter. This ensures that not only your child is engaged with the activity of story-telling, but also gets to use his language skills to follow along with the story and helps in retention of the characters of the story and the moral that it teaches.

2. Keep the conversations that you have with your child open ended and casual, allowing your child to think and come up with questions of his own. Not only will this make a conversation with your child engaging and go both ways, but it encourages your little one to think and ponder over what you have just said and come up with queries, which may often be unique to this nature of thinking.

3. Asking your child to summarize a story or a movie that they just witnessed or read is another great activity to engage your child with a bilateral conversation, helping not only concrete the idea of the story or movie they just witnessed, but also allow you to know your child’s take about what they have just witnessed.

4. Keep in mind that these activities improve over the course of the time that you engage your little one with. Do not expect them to be fully conversant right off the bat. Allow your little one to develop this skill over a period of time and watch them get increasingly interactive and curious.