Telling Your Child What's Right And Wrong Is Important

Telling Your Child What's Right And Wrong Is Important
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The ability of your child to tell right from wrong is a basic distinction that is very essential to be taught and who better to impart this essential knowledge than you as parents? Here are some ways that you can make sure that your child knows this differentiation:

1. Show the way by example. Teaching your child by example is the most effective and deep seating way of showing the difference between right and wrong. As parents, you are the first teachers of your child and hence the actions that you do and the attitude that you have to every day workings leave a lasting impression on your little one.

2. Not all the situations that require this distinction come up daily and therefore it takes a good amount of situational role play may be required to make your child aware of what is right and wrong in certain situations. Having small act outs and skits help in showing the situations that your child might come across daily and the appropriate distinction that must be made in them.

3. Reward the right reactions and responses that your child does to situations in a positive and affectionate way, heaping praises on her and praising her in front of her peers and relatives. Your attention and affection is the best reward that your child will get, more valuable than any toy that money can buy!

4. Deal with the situations and challenges that your child comes to you with as they arise, letting them learn the dynamic nature of this distinction.