The Attire To Don Before Hitting Bed

The Attire To Don Before Hitting Bed
5y to 6y

Bedtime schedules are very important for kids. A consistent approach has to be maintained by parents so it becomes easy for both parent and kid and it becomes a very good habit too .Appropriate dressing is essential too for a good peaceful sleep. A well rested kid is a healthy kid.

1. Unwind the day with no T.V., video games, or loud noise, to disturb your child.

2. Make it a habit to change into pyjamas/night suits before sleeping. Sometimes children have the habit of going to bed wearing clothes they have had on the whole day. This is very unhygienic, and if it is not corrected children tend to do it daily. If your child sleeps in the morning clothes, he might fall sick too as it would have become dusty.

3. Always choose a material such as cotton which is soft and loose and will keep your child warm. During winters, put some warm clothes for your child.

4. Teach your child to maintain cleanliness follow the bedtime ritual of freshening up, brushing, wearing night clothes. Always stick to this routine and follow even on weekends.The child’s bed has to be clean and well maintained.

5. In the bedroom, dim the light, cuddle your kid, and read a nice book to him.

6. Give your child a warm hug and compliments before he goes into his dream sleep.