The Mantra to Remember Things Clearly for your Child

The Mantra to Remember Things Clearly for your Child

At this stage, your child needs to have some healthy routine habits for the betterment of her cognitive skills. Have your kid go through what they have learnt at least thrice at different intervals before they go to bed. The mantra to remember learnt things clearly is the 3Rs—read, revise, and recall. 

Additionally, research has shown that whatever is revised just before going to sleep, is retained more clearly in the memory. So having a short bedtime session can be helpful when making kids remember a lesson. Follow the method that best suits your kid.

Some kids learn very fast and some take longer in learning. Depending on your kid’s capabilities, devise her lesson plans accordingly so as to not over burden her with a lot to remember. It will overwhelm her and she may even forget what she had learnt. However, make it a habit for your kid to take at least 30 minutes out of her schedule to revise her lessons right before going to sleep.

It is an accepted fact that what we do last before sleeping remains for a longer time. If she revises her lessons right before her bed time she will remember them better the next day. Make sure that she gives at least fifteen minutes the next day to revise the lessons of previous day before moving on to the next chapter so that the previous ones are firmly embellished in her mind.