The Primitive Way Of Disciplining Your Kid

The Primitive Way Of Disciplining Your Kid

Discipline and organization is an important aspect that should be inculcated in your child as she is growing up. Teaching these concepts and having your child apply the same from an early age translates into a shaping your child into a well-rounded individual.

1. Start off small. Orderliness and discipline can be introduced into your child’s life the smallest of aspects that are relevant to your little one. Start off by encouraging your little one to put back all her toys into the container that they are kept in after she is done playing with them, keeping her play area clean and not making a mess of it with food or with her toys.

2. Moving on to extended concepts of orderliness, encourage your child to keep their belongings in their rightful places after they are done using them, for example keeping books back to the bookshelf after reading, returning the color pencils they use to shade pictures to their rightful containers as and when they are done using them are great practices to show your child the importance of maintaining order in their day to day life.

3. Encourage your child to be clean and orderly when handing her food. Though meal time usually is fun time for your child when sitting with the others of the household, encourage your child to not spill her food on the table or onto her clothes and promote basic table manners and etiquette in your child to make well-mannered child.

4. These are habits and practices are things, which are learnt over a period of time. Expecting your child to fully understand and work by them is impractical. Allow your child ample time and space to understand, comprehend and apply these in his life.