The Secrets To Raising An Independent Child

The Secrets To Raising An Independent Child
7y to 8y
Problem Solving

Plan routine: Create a routine for your kid and ask him to perform his daily activities all by himself. Let him wear socks on his own, put away his laundry, and arrange his bookshelves and study table.

Let your kid take responsibilities: Introduce new tasks to your child and let him perform them all by himself. If you are packing bags before leaving for long vacations, let your child pack his bag on his own. 

Encourage to come up with solutions: Let your child find solutions to his problems on his own. Don’t rush to save your child as soon as you find him in a problem. If your kid is fighting with his sibling, let him resolve the fight.

Try till you succeed: Even if your child fails to perform a certain task, encourage him to give one more try and pursue it till he succeeds.This will help inculcate independence and perseverance in your kid.