Thing To Remember When Leaving Your Child With Nanny

Thing To Remember When Leaving Your Child With Nanny

Today's fast paced life doesn't allow us the privilege of spending long hours with our child. We are dependent on a nanny or caregiver to meet our child's needs. Provide more opportunities for them to know each other. But always keep an eye on the nanny as you can never be too sure when it comes to the safety and happiness of your child. She should be accountable to you.

1. Drop in unexpectedly and give surprise visit: This is a great window to see what they are up to. Choose a day in the middle of the week when you are typically at work so it's more unexpected.

2. Listen to your child if he mentions something odd, like an activity you don't understand or a person they met whom you don't know, look into it.

3. Let your neighbours know that you recently hired a new nanny and ask them to keep an eye out for anything unusual while you're away.

4. As your nanny is doing a very important job for you, tell her often how much you value her and the job she is doing.

5. Make sure that your nanny has emergency contact information, including your family members, neighbours, child's doctor and so on.

6. Let your nanny know how to best soothe your child. She should know any common fears that your kiddo experiences and what strategies she has to follow if the child is misbehaving.

7. If the nanny is using your car to take your child back from school, then tell her the rules, like not to leave the child alone in the car, always have your child in the back seat, and facing the proper direction for the type of car seat.