Throwing Color Water Balloons

Throwing Color Water Balloons

Give your kid (especially younger kids and those who’ve never used water balloons) some time to freely explore filled water balloons. This should be done in group as it helps your child with color recognition and motor skills and is a handy tip to boost these skills in your little one. The kids will probably have more fun than you might think just by playing with them for a while.

They might:

-Feel the surface of the balloon

-Compare the weight of a balloon full of water and a balloon full of air

-Push on the balloon to see how it changes shape slightly

-Try to carry them around

-See what happens when you drop them

Let the kids help you fill up the balloons and turn it into a game. You could:

-Set a timer and see how many balloons each kid could fill up in a certain time frame

-See who can fill the largest balloon without popping it.

Try many variations of catch. Kids could:

-Toss the balloon into the air and try to catch it themselves

-Play catch with a friend

-Play hot potato with a group

-Put soap or shaving cream on their hands and try to play catch

Inflate the water balloons using each individual color inside the coordinating color of water balloon. Have this water balloon pumping station and love it because of the tie-not feature (it totally saves your hands from having to tie a million water balloons).

Find a place (outside) to begin the color-mixing fun!

Have your child choose two colors of balloons and pop them in whatever way he would like.

Stomp, squeeze, or throw!

Swish the water around to see what color the two balloons create.

Dump out the contents each time into a larger container and see what happens when all the colors are mixed together!