Time to Develop An Interest In Writing

Time to Develop An Interest In Writing

Writing is one of those developmental milestones  that varies from child to child. Proper guidance is needed to ensure that kids who don’t like writing develop an interest in it. Learning to write develops over time so try to make writing fun for your kid by making it meaningful to him.

1. Make him read different kinds of writing so that he can get ideas and inspiration. Let him write about topics that interest him, like hie favourite cartoon character or his friends and pets. Writing should be fun and a spontaneous activity.

2. A writing book with an interesting cover will appeal to his imagination and arouse the interest to use the book. Writing on cute note-pads or writing letters to relatives and friends can also build the habit of writing in children.

3. It is also important that your kid sees you involved in writing activity. Remember, kids takes a cue on what to do from their immediate environment.

4.  Make sure that you appreciate the writing effort and not be simply critical in the first place. Your kid requires encouragement, big time. Motivate him to write, even if he is scribbling.

5. You can even add different styles of writing materials to your dramatic play areas.

6.  Point to the words as you are reading and then let your kiddo write them with your hand leading him to make the letters.

7. Encourage your kiddo to write his name and point out the letters in his name when you see them in other places.