Time to Introduce Your Kid To The Functions Of Different Body Parts

Time to Introduce Your Kid To The Functions Of Different Body Parts
  • After learning about body parts a little, your child is now ready to learn some functions of the basic body parts. Play this body-parts game with functions of the different parts. For example, you can ask your child which body part helps you to run, and wait for his answer to show you his legs or feet. 
  • Similarly, teach him which part is used to eat, to see, to hold something and so on. Once he gets used to identifying the body parts, and can point them out correctly, you can move on to the next exercise of associating functions to these body parts. Best is to start with the easiest and the most common to grasp, the facial features. 
  • Ask the child to point out their nose or their eyes and then ask him what it does. If he is unable to express, help him by some practical demonstration and then repeat it with your eyes and nose as a form of revision. Ensure that the diction and pronunciation is accurate to your child's capacity.
  • Be firm about his pronunciations even if they lisp as of now. If the little one keeps hearing the right pronunciations he will subconsciously register it and try to perfect it till he gets it right. Never let him off easy with a wrong pronunciation as that will encourage him to adopt the easy way out.