Tips To Deal With Your Child’s Inferiority Complex

Tips To Deal With Your Child’s Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex is a result of negativity percolated to your child either through the people around him or through your constant nagging and disapproval towards his actions. Beware it can affect his childhood and he can get into depression or live in an unknown fear of losing his pride and credibility.

These tips will help you to deal effectively with inferiority feelings:
1. Always praise his efforts and keep him away from negativity and people who instigate negative thoughts in him.
2. Get your kid enrolled for creative classes which brings out his creative side and lifts his zeal and confidence levels.
3. Get to the root cause of what is causing him the complex and solve it with absolute patience, love and care.
4. These days counseling is one beneficial treatment as the counselor weighs all the pros and cons of the cause and suggests treatment accordingly.
5. Encourage him to involve socially with people and make good friends that help him in overcoming fears.
6. Be a rock solid support to your kid because he looks up to you even for sustenance.

Every child cannot be Sachin Tendulkar/Lionel Messi or a leader so accept the truth and start working on him at the earliest.