Tips To Deal With Your Clingy Kiddo

Tips To Deal With Your Clingy Kiddo

1. It is important to understand that if your child is clinging, that means he seeks support, love and care from you. 

2. For your child, you are everything. So, resort to other measures with which he will feel equally loved and cared about. Generous hugs and kisses. Some adorable playful moments help. 

3. Find if there is anything particular because of which your child clings onto. Some insecurity, emotional stress, fear etc. If there is anything that you find, ensure that you address this issue and make your little one comfortable. 

4. Never ever rebuke your child if he clings on. At times if you are busy and you shrug him off, you would be hurting him to the core. 

5. Talk to him with love and make him understand. You can achieve everything with love.