Tips To Help Your Child Manage At School

Tips To Help Your Child Manage At School

1. Teach your child to write and pronounce his name, so that he can introduce himself independently. 

2. Your child would have already learned, small fine motor skills like holding pencils, crayons, scissors in his pre-school days. Hone those skills, as the primary school would steer him towards more of writing and drawing at the initial days. 

3. If your child is able to read short lines or understand pictures from story books it will help him to fare better at school. 

4. Prepare your child on how long he will have to stay – like he can have some snacks & lunch and playing time so that he can gauge time and confirm the time for pick up. This gives your child assurance that people would be waiting for him and relieves the feeling of abandoning.

5. Leave your kid at school in a happy mood so that he can adjust easily into school routine.