Tips To Make Play Objects

Tips To Make Play Objects
3y to 4y

It is important that you enhance your child's creativity. The benefit of being creative is it allows your child to see things in new ways and find solutions to problems. That kind of problem-solving and innovative thinking begins with the power of imagination. In this process one of the best things to do is to help your child build his own play objects. Be his support and encourage his creativity. Give and take of ideas is also extremely important.

1. Don’t always tell your child exactly what to do and how to play with a certain toy. Creativity is an outgrowth of exploration, of using something in a new way. Let him take charge of his toy and explore on his own.

2. Paint, draw, mold, build, sculpt. Motivate your child to paint his imagination on paper. Give him safe and waste material and ask him to make something out of it. Give him an idea what he can make out of it and demonstrate if required.

3. Read out different stories and motivate him to enact the stories. Ask him to involve his soft toys in the story telling.

4. Keeping kids in touch with objects from nature inherently inspires their imagination. Encourage him to plant trees and make fairy garden on his own.

5. Encourage pretend play. Let him experience different situations like doctor visit, vegetable market visit and ask him to re-enact the situation at home.

6. Play treasure hunt along with him and ask him to tell a story about the object he finds.