Tips To Make Your Child Eat Healthy food

Tips To Make Your Child Eat Healthy food

Health truly is wealth, there is no doubt about that. But getting your child to eat healthy food can be quite a tedious task because of all the attractive junk food that is available at the market. Here are a few things you can try so he eats healthy.

1. Homemade foods are the best way you can cut junk out of your child's diet. This way, you can choose the ingredients that go into making good food for your child. Try cutting down on condiments, like tomato sauce, mayonnaise, etc. and whip up a homemade version of the same.

2. Be creative with the way you present the food you prepare for him. This can really help by making him interested with what you serve him. Make it as colorful as possible.

3. Use healthy alternatives for everything as much as you possibly can. Replace deep fried potato chips with oven baked potato chips, introduce carrot sticks instead of fried munchies. You can also make a tangy cucumber salad which your child can much on after play time.

4. Introduce new tastes and flavors so your child does not get bored. Try different combinations of foods so every meal time is new. This way, you can also introduce lots of veggies with different nutritive values.

5. Juices of various fruits and vegetables are very healthy. Your child will also be very excited about drinking juice especially if he gets to drink from a special cup!

6. Cut some slack for your child and let him have a little amount of junk food too. Do not completely stop him from eating his favourite foods.