Too much TV is not Advisable - Do Not Entertain

Too much TV is not Advisable - Do Not Entertain

At this stage, your child may develop certain habits, which are not good for him in the long run. One of which is watching too much television. Do not encourage the habit of watching TV often. The lines between reality and imagination get blurred, because children who are this young have still not developed the ability to realize that what they are watching is just make believe. 

The fun violence in cartoons such as characters hitting each other seems real to them. Children easily fall for the fiction that is shown in a cartoon or TV serials. At their age, when they are not developed to differentiate between right and wrong, it is not good to let your child watch a lot of television. Instead, give books to your child to read or engage them in activities that they are interested in. Not only will this help in their overall development, it will also give him real happiness.