Trick To Indulge Your Child For Some Daily Physical Activity

Trick To Indulge Your Child For Some Daily Physical Activity
5y to 6y
Gross motor

A growing child needs plenty of exercise to stay fit and physically active. If your child is giving you a hard time by not exerting himself physically, you have to get a little sneaky to get him to move his muscles. Here is how:

1. Ask your child to help you with small chores around the house that would require him to move about quite a bit. Picking up things and putting them in their place, helping you take out the trash, etc. are a few ways you can involve him in physical activity.

2. A trip to the neighborhood park is always a fun and exciting way to feel energized about some physical activity! He can walk along with you or play with the other kids in the play area. This can help giving his body some amount of exercise.

3. Plan fun activities for the entire family. This is sure to get your child really excited. As a motivation, you can even have prizes for participation! Fames like badminton, frisbee, playing catch, etc. are a few great ways to involve the entire family.

4. Encourage your child to participate in sports. This is a really good form of activity where his entire body will get sufficient amount of exercise. Swimming, cricket, hockey, etc. are some great sports that will help.

5. Do not overburden your child to do more when he refuses to. Set a playtime and stick to a routine. If your child refuses to play, it is okay for him to break the routine once in a while.