Trick To Make Your Child Eat Vegetables

Trick To Make Your Child Eat Vegetables
Health & Nutrition

Picky eating is a normal phase for this age group. Encouraging your child to eat vegetables is a daunting and challenging task. But vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet, so it’s important to help your child enjoy them. If you help your child develop healthy eating habits now, it sets up healthy habits for life. There are ways to minimize the picky eating and set your child for successful eating in the long run.

1. The best form of teaching healthy habits to your child is to model the same. Your child will be more interested in things served in your or your family's platter. Serve a variety of foods on a regular basis and show children that you as parents eat whatever is being served.

2. Try serving the same vegetable in different ways. Keep trying different ways of offering the same food like capsicum in sandwich or capsicum with curd instead cooked capsicum. Try to change the normal taste of cooked food with additional seasoning. Praise your child every time whenever he tries or eats vegetable.

3. Keep trying with the same veggie. If he doesn’t like a new vegetable, keep offering him the same veggie at different mealtimes. Keep encouraging your child to atleast give a try to veggies.

4. Make the vegetables more colourful and presentable, which arouses the interest of your child in eating them.

5. Get your kid involved in choosing and preparing meals. He will be more interested in eating what he has cooked.

6. Keep clean, cut-up veggies in the fridge where it’s easy for your child to see when he is searching for food.