Try Complimenting Your Child

Try Complimenting Your Child

Complimenting your child on a regular basis really has its perks. It acts as positive reinforcement and will impact your child is a healthy way such that his confidence and self-esteem boosts up. There are several ways you can do this to help your child.

1. Let your child know what a good boy he is! Appreciate his character and behaviour as much as you can as this will help him feel good about himself. He will strive harder and harder to feel appreciated, resulting in good behaviour pretty much all the time.

2. Compliment his efforts when he does anything. This can be a simple chore around the house or his homework. Let him know that you appreciate how hard he works to finish a task. This will motivate him further to do better.

3. Notice the tiny behavioural traits, like how obedient he is and how well behaved he is around other people. This helps provide a great positive boost to his attitude and it will make him feel really happy!

4. Do not over compliment him as this can also instill false pride in him. Create a well maintained balance between complimenting his and mending him when he makes a mistake. It can make him rebellious and stubborn if you just compliment him.

5. Do not ever be sarcastic as it can hurt his feelings. Keep your compliments genuine and short so that he actually understands the reason behind why you are appreciating him. Keep it positive all the time and keep your criticism constructive.