Try Pretend Play To Overcome Fears

Try Pretend Play To Overcome Fears

At this stage, your child would get to learn a lot through pretend play as her imagination is blooming with each day. You can try pretend play with your child to fight off the object of fear. You can play the part of the scared kid and your child can be the parent. This gives them a different perspective on their fear and helps them see how absurd or baseless their phobia is. 

Reverse psychology is the best way to deal with certain issues related to the young ones. For instance when dealing with their fears, do not indulge them beyond necessary and instead, play pretence in order to make them feel that they are stronger.

For instance, if you see something that your child may be scared of, feign fear of it in front of her and ask her to save you from it. As a natural human tendency to protect the ones we care for kicks in and the child will automatically try to brave the fear to save you. You need not turn to reverse psychology to deal with every fear of your child. Only the ones which are baseless and need not be encouraged. For instance, the fear of the dark or insects. Anything bigger must be looked into seriously before determining whether or not it must be casually discarded.