Two Things You Must NEVER Forget For Your Child's Bedtime

Two Things You Must NEVER Forget For Your Child's Bedtime
5y to 6y

A good bed time routine means a well rested peaceful child.

Proper sleep helps in effective growth and development for your child.

1. Listen to all the stories of the day from your child during dinner time. A healthy and filling dinner will put your child to sleep easily. Do not give your child any chocolate or sweet goodies before bedtime.

2. Always have a fixed time to bed. Do not allow your child to play video games, watch cartoons on TV or play on smart phones. These activities overstimulate your child’s brain thus avoiding him to rest.

3. Avoid any arguments or discussion with family members that can disturb your child.

4. Have a proper light setting and ventilation in your child's room.

Bedtime is a perfect time to bond with your child. It will help your child feel loved and secure.

1. Unwind the day, freshen up, wear bed time clothes, snuggle in the bed with your child with a good book. Read to your child slowly, enjoy the precious moments with your baby. It will calm them and your child will fall asleep easily.

2. A big warm hug, few kisses from you is a perfect way to put your child to a dream world. Caring and talking sweetly, telling him “I love you” will give your child a sense of security and belongingness and your child will sleep well with happy thoughts.