Use Animated Voices & Movements During Story Telling

Use Animated Voices & Movements During Story Telling

Storytelling is one of the most enjoyable as well as educative pastimes that you can enjoy with your little one at this point. It contributes towards developing imagination, vocabulary, concentration and language skills. So take out some time for story telling with your kid every day. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a storytelling session.

To invoke interest and convey the exact meaning of a story, use actions, bodily movements and voice modulation. Funny voices and humorous expressions will introduce an element of fun. For example, if you are reading or telling a story with animals in it, read each character’s part in that animal’s voice – growly for a tiger, squeaky for a mouse, etc.

Keep variety in mind. Introduce your child to different types of stories which can include moral stories, funny stories, animal stories and fairy tales. Avoid stories which are too moralizing, as your kid may develop an aversion to stories if they start to sound preachy all the time.