Use Of Sight Words And Flash Cards

Use Of Sight Words And Flash Cards

At this age, your kid will be reading or starting to read. It is important that she learns the correct way to read, so that she is in a strong position when it comes to academic reading. There are various tips you can employ to enhance your kid’s reading skills.

Sight words are a common technique you can employ to help your kid learn certain words. Sight words typically refer to a set of about 100 words that keep reappearing on almost any page of text; for example, “Who, the, he, were, me, be.” Reinforcing these words repeatedly helps your kid to read them on sight.

Flash cards come very handy while teaching your child sight words. It is the best way to read, repeat, remember and recall. Reinforcement becomes easier if these cards are constantly before your child. This process of remembering sight words helps to improve your child’s vocabulary and speaking skills.