Use Popular Memorizing Devices Like Rhyming Or Chanting

Use Popular Memorizing Devices Like Rhyming Or Chanting

At this stage, your child may find it easier to remember her answers if she finds the sentences rhyming. This is an especially effective technique for memorizing slightly longer passages. Alternatively, you can teach your kids to chant in a sing-song manner, perhaps to the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle.' This inspires creativity and makes the learning process entertaining for the little one. 

Learning anything and retaining it for a long time can be difficult for kids. As kids, their memories are very strong and they can retain a lot of information if they are taught the right way of learning it. For instance, kids are quick at picking up rhymes or some song they may have heard on the radio. Use this technique to make them learn more things.

Teach them to turn a sentence into a rhyme or learn it in a sing song voice in order to retain it in the brain for longer than usual. Scientifically too anything that we learn in a consistent flow of rhythm tends to remain with us longer than something said casually. So encourage your child to learn her lessons like she learns her nursery rhymes.