Use Simple Words While Speaking To Your Child

Use Simple Words While Speaking To Your Child
  • Since your child's language skills are developing rapidly at this point, it is essential for you to adhere to some techniques that will ensure your child's speech shapes up smoothly. Speak with your child in an unhurried way, pausing frequently to ensure that they have understood what you have said. Try to use simple words initially to build the confidence of talking in your child. Instruct them to ask you the meaning of any word that they do not understand. 
  • Since your baby is still in the learning phase, he will find it hard to keep up with your pace of conversation. While communicating with him, it is important to keep your pace slow and repeat often in case your child has not understood some part of the conversation. From time to time, you should ask him if he has understood what you are saying and check with his actions to see if he is saying the truth.
  • Make sure that your choice of words is simple and plausibly reasonable for your child to understand. With time, your child will begin understanding various words and as he progresses, he will also catch up with your pace of conversation. However, initially, always keep it slow and steady.