Use Theme Games To Learn New Words And Recollect Known Ones

Use Theme Games To Learn New Words And Recollect Known Ones

At this age, kids learn more and longer words. They also become more familiar with language and phonics. Kids at this age are also learning to read, sometimes more than one language.

There are few games and activities that you can do with your kid to nourish his vocabulary:

1. Read: Reading is the best way to learn and enrich vocabulary. You can read anything to your kid – from comics, story books to newspapers. Reading also helps in understanding the context in which a word is being used in any sentence or conversation.

2. Pass The Ball: This game helps in building new vocabulary and recall known words. Sit with your kid and start passing the ball to each other. On every turn say a word. You may prompt your kid by giving hints, like name a country, a game, a thing in your bag, the colour of your shoe, etc.

3. We Rhyme: This game helps in learning rhyming words. Start with simple words like sit-bit, light-fight, cat-mat, etc., and gradually move to more complex words like glow-flow, jump-bump, etc.

4. Guessing Game: Take coloured pens and some plain papers. Draw things, shapes and animals and ask your kid to guess what they are. This help in not only building his vocabulary but memory too.

5. Think Link: This is a word association game where you will give two words to your kid, like house and bedroom. Now prompt your kid to tell things that are associated with bedroom.