Using Visualization As A Learning Tool

Using Visualization As A Learning Tool

Visual memories are very strong in kids and can be a useful device when we teach them how to memorise. This lays a good foundation for learning both in class rooms and beyond. Your kid will perform better in tests and achieve good grades with the help of visual memories.

Here are some tips to enhance visual memories:

1. Show him objects related to the topics he is learning. This helps him understand better. He will always remember the object when he comes across the topic again.

2. Encourage your kid to form images in his mind about the topic he wants to memorize. For example, if he is learning about shapes, show him the shape, remove it, and ask him to visualise it in his mind.

3. If your child is interested in drawing, allow him to draw and understand. This will increase his thinking and imagination capabilities.

4. When you take your child out, point out to sign boards or names of shops or tell him there is a park there. When you go to that place again after a while, see if your child remembers what you told earlier.

5. Playing games based on memories also enhances visual memory skills.

6. Encourage him to ask questions about what he sees and answer patiently

7. Make learning colourful by assigning different colours to objects. Kids will remember well.

8. Encourage active reading.

9. Give him small numbers and see if he memorises.

10. Connect the information so that it helps in long term memory. Example: When you are explaining about colors of rainbow use VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red). He will remember this easily.