Watch Your Child's Every Step

Watch Your Child's Every Step

Being aware of what your child does and goes through is very much needed to stay updated about the same. This will help you understand if your child is headed in the right direction or needs help.

1. Be observant as he plays at home and around home. This can tell a lot about how he feels. Observe whether he feels happy or agitated, sad or stressed while he is immersed in his games. You can tell how he generally feels based on this behaviour.

2. Keeping a track of your child’s developmental milestones is also very important. You can tell if he is able to reach a milestone at the time he is supposed to. You can maintain a journal wherein you can pin everything down.

3. Have conversations with your child. Ask him suggestive questions about his day as he may not be able to communicate all of the happenings at one go. Make it a habit to talk as much as possible to him so you stay updated.

4. Keep a constant check on your child’s performance at school, both academic and extra curricular. Do not miss parent teacher conferences as it can give you a very good insight about his strengths and weaknesses.

5. Spend some quality time with your child as much as you can as a family. Have activities planned for the entire family so he can take part and bond well with everyone at home. You can also talk about your day to him and make communication possible both ways.