Way to Introduce Daily Chores (Cloth Hanging)

Way to Introduce Daily Chores (Cloth Hanging)

Introducing your child to a bunch of daily household chores is a really good way of teaching responsibility to him. As he grows up, he will need to do certain things on his own. An early start is always going to help. Here are a few things you can do.

1. Know your child's capabilities before you let him on a particular chore. Do not make him do anything that can cause potential harm. This includes running electric appliances, helping you in the kitchen, etc.

2. Tidying his room is a good way to start. Ask him to pick up after himself after he is done playing. Teach him to organize his belongings in their respective places. This is something that can be done easily.

3. Setting the table for a meal and clearing the table after - this is a child-friendly chore. Let your child know he needs to be careful as he carries the plates. This will also help him feel responsible.

4. Helping you with laundry is also doable. He can pick up the clothes and help you hang them on the clothesline. If he is finding it difficult, always show him how things are done so he can catch up.

5. Take your child grocery shopping. This can be particularly exciting for him because it is a change in the venue. Read off a list and let him know what are all the things you need, so he can bring each individual item and add it to the cart.