Ways Of Teaching Direction Concepts To Your Child

Ways Of Teaching Direction Concepts To Your Child
3y to 4y

The age to teach the directions to your little one is not as important as how the concept has to be taught. The best way to teach your kiddo is through play. The following are some of the suggestions:

Through activities:

1. Tickling and squeezing: Ask your kiddo to raise the left arm and then tickle in that arm. Similarly, repeat with the other arm.

2. Singing a song: Sing a song to your sweetie pie. This will also help in learning the directions as the Hokey Pokey song. In this way, you are also helping in your kiddo’s motor development.

In daily routine:

1. While crossing the road: Tell your kiddo that I am going to hold your right hand while crossing the road.

2. While dressing: Ask your kiddo to step his right foot first so that I can put the shoes on or ask him to slide his right arm first in the sleeve.

3. Show me letter L: Ask your kiddo to put both hands on the ground with the thumbs open, the left-hand looks like the letter L. Explain this to your kiddo and ask him to learn in that way that the hand with the letter L is left hand.

4. Identify the dominant side: In the process of learning the directions concept, it is very important to know which your kiddo’s dominant side is first of all.

5. Once your kiddo has learned the right and left concept then start using the direction phrases to make him learn more as “Go straight,” “You will see it in your right or left,” “It’s across from…”, “It’s next to..“ etc.

Always remember that sometimes learning takes a little longer from normal, so be patient and humble at all the times and always make him understand the direction points while standing next to him and not on the opposite side as this will make difficult for him to learn.