Ways To Make Your Child Comfortable In The First Few Days Of School !

Ways To Make Your Child Comfortable In The First Few Days Of School !

It’s not unusual for your kid to need a little extra help adjusting to the start of new school. Your child is probably feeling excited as well as a bit nervous about starting new school. Here, you play an important role in making your child comfortable in the first few days in his school. Here are few tips that will help:

1. Your child will encounter all new faces and in such situation he needs someone to get connected or with whom he feel safe. In such situation you need to facilitate your child’s bonding with the teacher. Explain his teacher that he hasn’t settled in school yet, so please help him making comfortable with the place and teacher.

2. Facilitate his bonding with other kids too. Arrange a playdate after school and let him be friends with other kids over there. Ask his teacher with whom he is bonding in school.

3. Let your child know that you were waiting for him anxiously after school. Welcome him back with hugs and kisses. Ask him, how was his day spent in school. Check out his diary for homework but don’t force him to do the same right away. Let him relax, have lunch together and talk about school and friends.

4. Kids find difficulty in adjusting to new rules and behaviour. Appreciate him for his good conduct and reward him for following the rules in school. Keep a check on his daily activities in school and get yourself involved with other kids’ and their parents to know more about the school happenings.