Ways To Strengthen Hand Muscles

Ways To Strengthen Hand Muscles

This is age when your child is still going through an all round development. As much as he is growing mentally, he is growing physically too. His muscles and bones are developing in a rapid speed at this age. So, along with all the mental activities, give your child opportunities to take care of his physical development.

Gift him toys that can help him tone and strengthen his muscles even more. There are several games like blocks, mechanic and clay materials that need considerable hand movements to fix them. And playing with these toys will help him strengthen his arms and hand muscles manifolds. Expose your child to many art and craft activities. The more he works with his hands, the more his muscles develop. Blocks and dough make a great toy to explore and build with. Making a tower, or any tall structure helps develop the hand muscles.

Other than that, these toys also foster creativity in the child and they show all their creative instincts to make something new and innovative. So, try these toys with your child and make him strong as well as creative.