What NOT To Do When Raising Two Kids At A Time

What NOT To Do When Raising Two Kids At A Time
Family Bonding

Are you a parent of more than one little angel? Well, the more the merrier! But sometimes it can be somewhat tricky to maintain that delicate balance between your kids. Just keep the following points in mind.

Always keep in mind that each child is different, unique, and special in their own way. So it is vital never to make comparisons between your children. For example, if one child comes back with a stellar report card for studies, and the other comes back with lower marks but a beautifully drawn picture, commend them both equally.

Moreover, try to avoid praising one child too much in front of the other or it may lead to resentment. Focus on the positive qualities of each of your children and try to develop them through appreciation. Do not try to force your own personal expectations on either of your children.