What NOT To Do When Your Child's Emotions Are Concerned

What NOT To Do When Your Child's Emotions Are Concerned

Your child’s emotional well-being lies a lot in your hands, starting early on. Avoid the following to raise an emotionally healthy child.

-Never criticize or disrespect your child. Show respect in the dealings with your child. Communicate effectively, listen with undivided attention and value his views. Appreciate his efforts and be a mentor rather than a critic.

-Never curb his freedom of expression. Acknowledge his feelings but don’t be overprotective. Give him support and guidance to problem solve.

-Never let your child be exposed to parental conflict.  If there are differences or conflicts between you and your spouse, solve them amicably at the earliest. Unresolved conflict can affect your child’ mental health as he senses tension in your daily behaviour towards him.

-Never substitute gifts and gadgets in place of quality time with your child. Family dinners, outings, playing games, weekend movie nights are wonderful ways to stay connected. This gives your child the trust and sense of security he seeks being part of the family which is crucial for his mental and emotional well-being.