What NOT To Do When Your Kid Is Shouting

What NOT To Do When Your Kid Is Shouting

Usually at this stage, when your child is irked for some reason and starts shouting, it is because they are agitated or disturbed, so it is important to handle such behaviour carefully. Whenever your child starts shouting, stop responding to them instantly. Never raise your voice, get angry, or hit your child no matter how much they shout. In a calm voice, tell the child that you will only respond once they stop yelling.

If your child is shouting because he wants something, do not fulfil his demands at that very moment. If you do, they will learn the incorrect lesson that this is the best method to get what they want, and the behaviour will be repeated more frequently and with more intensity.

Once your child has quietened down and is willing to hear what you say, discuss their behaviour gently but seriously. Ask him what his issue was, listen to him and then solve the problem together. This will make him realize that conflicts cannot be resolved through shouting, but through calm discussion.