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What NOT To Do With your 5 Year Old

What NOT To Do With your 5 Year Old
5 to 6 years tip

Don’t commit the mistake of straying too much from routines. 5 year olds can get confused and lazy or inactive if you are not consistent with their routine. This can hamper their gross motor skill development. At the same time, don’t focus on the negatives, like when they might yell or scream. Instead, reward your child for their positive behavior, like when they are nice and friendly at the playground. While staying on the routine is crucial, it is important that you don’t overschedule your child. For instance, don’t throw in too many dance or music classes as that might make your child irritated. Plus, they won’t learn any of these fine motor skills appropriately. Lastly, never underestimate the power of play. Playing is a great tool for the kids to develop their motor skills such as running, jumping, skipping and catching a ball.