What To Do When Your Kid Has Nonstop Hiccups?

What To Do When Your Kid Has Nonstop Hiccups?
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Hiccups generally happen when the rushing air suddenly gets stuck in your voice box, thus giving hiccups. For kids, hiccups may be caused by eating large morsel of food at one go, something spicy, or stress or exhaustion. Hiccups are nothing to be panicked about. But most certainly it makes the child extremely uncomfortable. So, getting rid of hiccups as soon as possible is a must.

One of the most common ways of combating hiccups is water. But sometimes, that doesn’t help much. In that case, you can have your child have a pinch of sugar and chew it slowly. Also, you can try to divert his mind in a sudden way. It has been proven that distraction helps a lot in stopping hiccups. And, if possible how about holding the breath as much as possible. This may be slightly difficult for your child at this stage, but if he can do it somehow, it will stop the hiccups immediately.

Other than these, pulling your child’s tongue out, blowing in paper bags and sipping ice water is also said to have helped in stopping hiccups. Hiccups are common among kids. And your child is no exception. However, if you feel that there is some abnormality in his way, and hiccups are more frequent than it should be, please see a doctor and get it checked. With kids, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.