What's The Time?

What's The Time?

For your child, time is a complex concept to understand at present. He cannot tangibly interact with time. Hence, he depends on you to know more about time (day, week, month). There are many ways you can help him.

Buy a calendar and hang it on the wall of his room. For instance, his birthday is a week from today. Show him how to mark off each day with an “X” before going to bed. This way he will know how many days are left for his birthday.

You can use time related words in day to day conversations. For instance, you have your drawing class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can get him to mark these on the calendar using special stickers. Also include words like before, after, day, night , yesterday, etc . These words do not clearly tell him about the time but at least he is able to predict what’s coming and has a better self-control.

Invest in age appropriate time related books like Cookie’s week by Cindy Ward.

Learning to read clocks will take some more time. Hence, be careful with any time related vocabulary which you use while talking to your child. Try to make it simple and understandable for him.