Whip Up Some Yummy And Healthy Homemade Spreads!

Whip Up Some Yummy And Healthy Homemade Spreads!
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Condiments surely make food tastier and interesting. But they have preservatives and food coloring which can cause quite a lot of harm to your child. There are quite a few homemade condiments you can try which are absolutely safe for her.

1. Hummus can replace store bought cheese spread and dips. Soak chickpeas and cook them until they are soft. Blend them with salt, pepper and a little bit of lime once they cool and you will have a creamy dip for chips and a spread for sandwiches.

2. Pudina chutney is a fun way to add some freshness and tang to salads and sandwiches. Blend a bunch of mint leaves with coriander leaves, salt and green chilies. You can either add lemon juice or mix the paste with yoghurt. You can also add a pinch of garlic paste for that extra punch.

3. You can also try a recipe for homemade mayonnaise, which will require a few eggs and a whole lot of olive oil. It will need a lot of your elbow grease if you are blending the ingredients by hand. You can also add some oregano to enhance the taste.

4. Homemade jams, marmalades and compotes are sure to get your child interested with a lot of boring foods. You can try this with many different fruits and combinations of many fruits too! You can eat this with chapatti or make sandwiches with a little bit of butter.

5. Make sure to refrigerate these after you prepare them. Since they contain no preservatives, their shelf life is very short.