Why does your child argue? Is there a silver lining in it?

Why does your child argue? Is there a silver lining in it?

Your child at this stage is likely to argue with you and others as well, over things no matter how petty or big.

Children this age tend to be argumentative. They have the knowledge of words to present their case and are willing to use them every time. As parents it is important for you to choose the battles. Not everything is worth fighting for and let the child face the consequences of their own decisions sometimes.

Also, arguments are a great way of honing your child’s analysing and reasoning skills. Remember the fact that all children are not good in arguments. They will blabber and shout without concrete points. While some will reason out with logic.This is a skill that can do wonders in the near future. So, watch out for signs when your little fellow is on an argumentative spree. Don’t push him aside all the time. If he is making sense, don’t snub. Allow him to go on and hear him with rapt attention. Give a thought to his reasoning, and most importantly, appreciate if he is coming out with anything sensible. However, ensure that the child is not rude and out of bounds. Arguments must be within the bounds of acceptable mannerism. Initiate a healthy discussion.