Why Does Your Child Dawdle?

Why Does Your Child Dawdle?

As a parent, what drives you most of all throughout the day is probably punctuality, the need to be at certain places on time. As a result, when your kid delays you, often for totally trivial reasons like playing a little longer, it is hard for you to keep your temper. But remember – your kid is probably not really doing it on purpose.

Adults and children do not have the same sense of time. So it is difficult for your kid to be efficient and organized to meet deadlines. Also, she may not still be able to see the clock and tell the time, which makes it even tougher for her.

Dawdling could also be an indicator of your child being stressed. Perhaps there are things at school she is not able to cope with, or she has some trouble at home. Spend some time with her and encourage her to talk to you to find out what is bothering her.