Why Routine Is Important ?

Why Routine Is Important ?
3y to 4y

Routine is an important aspect of growing up for your child at this stage. It is one of the best ways of disciplining your child without any screams and howls. A routine that is mandatory to follow becomes a silent norm that your child needs to follow. And along with him you can follow it too.

To ensure that the routine is followed without any grudge or glitch, involve your child when you make the routine for him. Seek his suggestion and opinion about what is the best possible way of making this happen. Only when you involve him in your decision making, your child will abide by it with his full sense. If you don't’ do so, then he will always try to violate it saying that the routine doesn’t suit him.

No matter how young your child is, if he understands your way of things, then please involve in this. Make a routine that is not drab and makes the child hopelessly bored. Ensure that the routine has everything that will make your child's day happy, exciting and productive at the same time. If you take into consideration these aspects, your routine will be a success and your child will get into a habit of following set routines, which will also help all through his life.